Thursday, September 25, 2008


  • We want to break down the barriers between the art world and community art.
  • Develop a dialog between communities and artists.
  • Break away from the formalities of a gallery setting and exhibit in alternative spaces and within nature.
  • Engage in making art as a community
  • Promote a positive outlet to communicate through art.
  • Make changes
  • Share
  • Unite communities with one another who may or may not ever meet whether it's due to geographical location or by choice
  • Expose and strengthen the common thread between us all
  • Promote the idea that doing something different is exactly what we need right the art world, in society, and in general.


Sweepy said...

Woofy, My People!

I love your ideas. It is so much like my keeper's. Keeper knows some people in the SF area who can probably help you in your alternative space.

I would love to volunteer: meet guests and visitors, bark my doggone opinion, wag my tail, lick your tired faces and drool kisses when you're just about to give up. Don't.

And besides I'm too far in Heaven, Manila.

But I'm not a kiss away. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Expose and strengthen the common thread between us all"

What is this common thread?

What is the thing that unites us all, beyond beliefs, beyond issues, beyond personality, beyond the current notions of what humanity is?

Is it our own mortality?
Is it our primitive/animalistic sense of survival?
Is it our seeking out of comfort and stability amongst a chaotic world?
Is it our unity through the harsh reality that we are all lost?
Is it beyond words and any form of communication - and therefore beyond expression (in any form)?