Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spir·akasha Opening: March 4th, 2010


"Kokoro Studio: Spir·akasha - The Crow and The Wolf.

Review by Kristin Farr: Female duo The Crow and The Wolf present an elaborate installation including taxidermy, jars of dirt, antique furniture, a paper puppet theater, a haiku tree, and a meditative sound room. Really nice attention to detail and participatory elements-- the sound room installation features three sets of headphones playing specially commissioned ambient beats. The show is like a traveling circus from another land; there is much to be explored. The artists even decorated Kokoro's fancy chandelier with tiny skulls. Spir·akasha shows a lot of dedication to space transformation and it will continue to evolve during its run.

Comment by RWM: Gothic and stylish. Thought provoking, but not all worrisome. There is a message here for those who would or might listen.

Art by The Crow and The Wolf.

Art by The Crow and The Wolf.

The Crow and The Wolf.

The Crow and The Wolf art.


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