Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's that time...

Funding for the arts in public schools is being cut rapidly around the country. Children are growing up in environments where the importance of creative thinking and artistic expression are not encouraged. In some communities the art practice simply does not exist.

We feel that the little to no accessibility to experiencing art or the act of making art WILL have a detrimental effect on our society and on the psychological and emotional well-being of future generations.

As fine artists who were given the opportunity to grow up to become artists, and as activists who believe in social reform in a positive format, we have developed a new artform for ourselves. Our tool of expression is interaction and documentation. Our mission is to experience, and unify communities with one another as we assist in the fight for the importance of one of our most ancient and greatest survival skills; creativity.

Our country and it's education system is in a devastating state. It is our generation of artists, educators, thinkers, and believers to attempt to fight for today's youth and the future of art as we know it.

-the crow.

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